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Sports Alley

Sports Alley is a designated area on the expo floor that will be populated by over thirty-five local, premier and travel sports clubs, from throughout the Eastern CT area. The Alley will be marketed through Lifestyles as a highlight of the show driving traffic to this unique feature of the show.

Be a part of the NEW Sports Alley at the Lifestyles Expo! Plan your marketing strategy, design your booth décor, and encourage your members to attend! This is an opportunity for you to utilize the show as a fundraiser for your organization, take advantage of recruitment opportunities and join in the celebration of athletics at the Star Hill Family Athletic Center at the Lifestyles Expo! Market your participation in this regionally one of a kind community day early and drive your members and future members to you!


Parking Passes

Earn money for your organization with or without a booth!  Encourage your members to use a special parking pass when they attend the show.  Earn a $2 rebate for each pass used!  Click here for more details.
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